Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rio Rancho Moonrise!

We live in a beautiful place!  Our sunrises and sunsets are hair-raising spectacular, and the weather in between can be equally wonderful.
This photo was taken from my front yard in Rio Rancho after a fleeting, piddly rainstorm had passed by just as sunset was happening.  The photo is HDR.
As time goes by, I will show other facets and personalities of our area.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My HDR Photography

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is something I've started working with lately.  I have a program that uses the same image taken at different exposure values (normal, over, and under-exposed) and combines them into one image that really extends the spectrum of color!  It is real easy to over-HDR the image so it doesn't look real, but I'm trying to avoid doing that.

Brazos Cliffs in No. NM in the fall.

Trujillo Reservoir near Cumbres Pass in No. NM.

Summer wild flowers near Gothic, CO.

Fall colors on the Jemez River, NM.

Soda Dam on the Jemez River near Jemez  Springs, NM.
I am posting a few of my HDR images today, and will post a bunch more as time goes on.  Hope you enjoy them, and don't be bashful about commenting on them.


Sandias in the Fall from the Rio Grande Bosque

Retirement finally rolled around and we decided to start our own photography business! I am Bob Crowley (FotoFrog) and my dear wife Glenda is the Princess. Together we are FotoFrogNPrincess. I am the photographer and Glenda is the matter/framer and general business person. Glenda is also crafty in other ways, such as quilting, beading, silver smithing, and general all-around Good Kid!

We live in Rio Rancho, NM, but we travel everywhere we get a chance. We spent many happy years in Los Alamos, NM, where our kids went to school. As a result, most of my photos are from the Southwest US, some from all over the world from my earlier travels.

I have over fifty thousand pictures from all over the world and decided that they should be shared with others rather than sit in boxes. My photos were taken by me (since 1959), my wife, or my Dad (since 1940). Some are scanned from 35mm film slides, others are digital. Editing has been limited to adjusting light level and contrast and color saturation and temperature. I prefer saturated and bright colors-but not over-saturated, and I try to take my pictures from “different” perspectives and views.

As time goes on, I will be posting different images -or sets of images- and telling their stories.  I hope for feedback on both the images and the stories!